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10 of the Best UK Graduate Schemes

Posted on 17th January, by in Jobs & Careers

Whether you are thinking about your post-university career yet or not, it is worth researching the various opportunities available to you. By looking at post-graduate schemes as well as the varying roles within such big companies as the ones listed below, you can tailor your CV and experience while you study. Here are some of the biggest companies with the best graduate schemes around, available to students across all kinds of courses.

United Nations

The UN’s broad range of internship programmes offer opportunities to students of most subjects. Intern places are open to students enrolled in a Master’s or PhD while they also have the Young Professionals Programmes which is offered to candidates who hold a first class degree and are under 32 years old.


As they are with technology, Apple are also at the cutting edge of recruitment. Their Apple Store Leader Programme takes in all aspects of managing and operating an Apple Store in a 24-month period. Such an experience will involve you working as a Specialist and an Expert to hone your selling skills, a Creative as you teach and train, and a problem-solver at the Genius Bar.


This company, a leader in the field of accountancy and financial management, run fantastic graduate schemes in actuarial, assurance, management consulting, financial advice, legal and tax. There are placements at PwC open to graduates of all specialisms.



Microsoft are dedicated to ‘delivering meaningful impact through ground-breaking technology’ and is on the look-out for students with the drive to help them with such a target. Microsoft are looking for students who attained a 2:1 degree or higher in a relevant subject and have a curious and questioning mind.



Unsurprisingly, the UK’s biggest employer has graduate schemes for students who share their dedication for quality care. There are placements available in general management, finance, health informatics and HR for students across all relevant disciplines.



The world’s best-known broadcasting brand has graduate placements in design, journalism, production, and a lot more besides. The BBC has a widespread fantastic reputation, and, with 97% of the country’s adult population reportedly using BBC services, it is a great way to get noticed.


Career Ladder


Unilever have year-long graduate schemes in supply chain management, finance, business and technology management as well as marketing. The Future Leaders Programme is also available for accelerated management training.



Pharmaceutical giant GSK has opportunities in science, engineering, communications, procurement, sales and marketing for ambitious, passionate graduates. There are positions based all over the world with a Future Leaders Programme which offers the chance to gain a top position in the organisation’s growing global business.


Civil Service Fast Stream

With places in the fields of education, foreign affairs, the economy, defence, environmental, health and many more there is a great range of placements within the government scheme. The programmes are for the best and brightest and are specifically aimed at people who are happy to take on substantial responsibilities and thrive off making a positive impact on the lives of people in the UK. The rewards are vast, with a starting salary of £25,000-27,000 potentially going up to £45,000 after five years.



Google, with it’s reputation of having a fantastic office culture and only taking on the smartest available will have lots of competition for their intern programmes. From finance to marketing, there are roles for most students. The student careers area of their website is also predictably user-friendly.