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How to Apply for a UK Student Visa

Posted on 18th June, by in Travel

Are you a non-UK resident who would like to study  in the United Kingdom but you don’t know where to begin when it comes to a student visa? First of all you need to work out if you actually need one and then how to apply. This article helps you to understand the process and will …read more

7 Ways Students Can Stay Productive During The Holidays

Posted on 4th June, by in Jobs & Careers

Now the university year has come to an end, students will be starting to fill up their diaries with plans to keep themselves busy over the summer. Some students may be making plans to travel to different countries across the world, to go to festivals and visit family and friends, while others will be thinking how they can stay productive over …read more

What Health Studies are London Universities up to this Year?

Posted on 28th February, by in Study

Prospective science students in London are certainly in their element (pun intended). Whether they are looking for a specialist or multidisciplinary institution, their chances of finding  a science-based course that matches what they’re looking for in the UK capital are high. Imperial College London is just one example of what London offers for prospective students who …read more