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The Best Ways to Travel as a Student this Summer

Posted on 20th May, by in Travel

There are lots of ways to make the most of your summer break from study. Some people go back home to recharge their batteries whilst taking a job to replenish their bank balances, others try and get a head start on their reading for the academic year ahead. A great way to spend the summer …read more

How Can The Election Change The Lives of Students?

Posted on 26th March, by in Latest News, Study

Ahead of the General Election on 7th May, The Journal explores what the major political parties’ plans are for higher education. Will Labour put a halt to skyrocketing tuition fees? What does the UK Independence Party think about international students?  Does anyone know what the Conservative Party are planning? The last General Election had a …read more

Success & The Apprentice: An Interview with Solomon Akhtar

Posted on 28th January, by in Jobs & Careers

Reality TV contestants are not always the best people to go to for worldly wisdom. However, Solomon Akhtar seems to be in demand for that very reason. The Apprentice semi-finalist is currently touring universities around the country giving motivational talks which offer business advice with the benefit of his experience. The 23 year-old made it amongst …read more

10 of the Best UK Graduate Schemes

Posted on 17th January, by in Jobs & Careers

Whether you are thinking about your post-university career yet or not, it is worth researching the various opportunities available to you. By looking at post-graduate schemes as well as the varying roles within such big companies as the ones listed below, you can tailor your CV and experience while you study. Here are some of …read more