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The Ultimate English Grammar Cheat Sheet For Students

Posted on 4th February, by in Featured, Study

The English language can be a confusing beast, full of inconsistent rules and evolving usage. No matter what you study, a good grasp of English grammar is important in order to be taken seriously in your writing and can also help you gain a few extra marks, too. So if you’re student struggling with your writing – and …read more

Le Cordon Bleu’s Scholarship Award

Posted on 6th July, by in Latest News, Study, Urbanest Calling

Le Cordon Bleu’s Scholarship Award    For Katie Leslie, the next year will certainly be one to remember. The former King’s student was awarded Le Cordon Bleu’s annual scholarship on Wednesday night after beating off nine other finalists to land the prestigious and prized place at the world’s leading culinary school. Born in Edinburgh, Katie …read more

How To Apply For Research Funding As A Student

Posted on 8th June, by in Finance, Study

Winning research funding for a PhD or postdoctorate isn’t easy but can be hugely beneficial. Obviously there are the monetary benefits, which are always welcome, but there’s also the gravitas of gaining the funding. If you manage to secure sponsorship or funding from research councils or any other parties then it seems to give your …read more

How Can The Election Change The Lives of Students?

Posted on 26th March, by in Latest News, Study

Ahead of the General Election on 7th May, The Journal explores what the major political parties’ plans are for higher education. Will Labour put a halt to skyrocketing tuition fees? What does the UK Independence Party think about international students?  Does anyone know what the Conservative Party are planning? The last General Election had a …read more

How To Become A Student Entrepreneur [Infographic]

Posted on 24th March, by in Study

There are university students who will get by during their academic career. They will attend seminars and lectures, submit their assignments on time, maybe even a few days early, but that’s all. You’re not one of those students. With increased university fees and entry requirements, a new, inspired student type is beginning to shine. The …read more