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Why the cycle super highway is perfect for students

Posted on 30th July, by in Travel

London has a somewhat complicated love/hate relationship with the cyclist. On one hand the biking commuter, peddling furiously through the drizzle at 8.30 on a cold February morning, is revered as a kind of work-ethic übermensch – a champion of the everyman’s unwavering dedication to the job. They refuse to give-in and buy a Smart …read more

How to Apply for a UK Student Visa

Posted on 18th June, by in Travel

Are you a non-UK resident who would like to study  in the United Kingdom but you don’t know where to begin when it comes to a student visa? First of all you need to work out if you actually need one and then how to apply. This article helps you to understand the process and will …read more

The Best Ways to Travel as a Student this Summer

Posted on 20th May, by in Travel

There are lots of ways to make the most of your summer break from study. Some people go back home to recharge their batteries whilst taking a job to replenish their bank balances, others try and get a head start on their reading for the academic year ahead. A great way to spend the summer …read more

London Waterloo

Posted on 6th February, by in Travel

London Waterloo First built in 1848, Waterloo Station is a Grade II listed building due to his historic relevance. There are restaurants, shops and even a police station inside! It feels a little like a shopping centre, which is brilliant when you are coming back home and want to spoil yourself with a little treat …read more